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Google Flights is a convenient platform for the users to survey through distinct flight information and go for booking. All the booking proceedings commence through the third party airline booking suppliers. Google owns this idea and launched it back in the year 2011.

What is Google flights?

Google flights is not just a flight booking site, but it also tracks down a lot more aspects for the users. There are lots of features in this web application apart from just booking such as budget plans, destination information, suitable travel times, and a lot more. Once you decide on a destination over Google Flights, the algorithm of the application will give you a tentative price plan for the entire following year.

This service by Google Flights makes it easy for travel freaks to plan their trip at the least possible fares. The feature-packed web application soon took the market and matched the levels with its competitors such as Orbitz, Expedia, and others. With the immense success of Google flights, its competitors started to push their abilities to maintain their names in the thriving business atmosphere. It covers almost all the international destinations for the travelers to find information on their desired location and the flights that can help them commute at the lowest possible price.

How to book flights on Google flights?

There is a simple step-by-step procedure that one must follow to book their travel flights easily using the services of Google Flights search. Here are the detailed steps and procedures that you need to follow.

  • The first step would be to search for the destination you want to travel and then decide on the flight. Before choosing the flight, you must compare the pricing and other details as per your date and convenience of travel.
  • Now, you need to proceed with the next process by clicking on the option ‘ Book’ that will be available on your screen. If Google booking would be applicable, you will be getting the prospects for the same.
  • On the next page of the booking process over Google Flights search, you will be asked to enter the passenger details such as name, age, gender, mobile number, date of birth, and other such necessary information. After you complete entering the information, click on the ‘continue’ option to proceed with booking.
  • Select your method of payment before you proceed or choose the previously saved one to make the booking process more fast and convenient. But if you are a first time user, then you need to add a mode of payment such as credit or debit card, net banking, and others.
  • Some flight companies allow you to select the seat up front. So, if the feature is available by the third party, then you can click on ‘Add Seats’ to proceed with your selection of seats. If seat booking is not available, then do not worry as you can still select the seats from the official website of the airlines after the booking is completed.
  • Book your return flights as well, if you are heading on tour to stay free from ticket booking hassle for another time.
  • After this, you will be taken to the final page, where you will be asked to check and review all the details to the best of your knowledge. Once you confirm that, then you are good to go for clicking on the ‘Book’ option.
  • Soon after you confirm the booking tab, Google will process your payment request to the third party agency or the airline itself to complete the process. Enter the asked credentials to complete the payment and get the bookings done using Google Flight.

After completion of the booking, you will get an mail on your email-id about your booking confirmation along with the payment transaction details. You will also get your tickets in a PDF format for you to download it for presenting it at the airport.

Google Flights Destination Explore Tool

This feature can be accessed only over a desktop and not on smart phones or tablets. It is known as Google Flights Explore. It helps you find the cheapest place to fly. Here you just need to enter your necessary details except for the destination column. Mark, your country and It will find you one of the best and the cheapest places in the country. If you like the destination, then you can proceed with other search options. Select the dates, whether flexible or fixed, to get better results.

Google flight price tracker

As stated above, Google Flights is not just a flight booking site, but it also helps the users gain knowledge about the pricing of the flights referring to the destinations and time of the year. It comes with a price tracker that is fairly easy to operate. Here is the process of operating the price tracking feature of Google Flights Tracker on Android, iOS, or Windows.

  • Go to Google Flight and use the buttons on the page to select the cabin class, number of stops, ticket requirement, and other travel details as asked.
  • Select your destination and the travel date & time. You can use the calendar of Google Flights to check and confirm your travel date.
  • For enabling the price tracker, you need to select the tab ‘ Track Price’ along this route to get the pricing details of the flight you choose. Select the appropriate date when the price is low and proceed with the booking.

You can enable the feature of receiving mails for any change in the pricing tracks of your selected flight. You can always turn off this option from your profile settings over Google Flight Tracker. You will find a tab written ‘Tracked’ over your account. You just need to go in and turn off the email notifications tab.

Customising Language, Currency and Country settings

Google Flights gives its visitors the ease of selecting their desired country, language, and currency before proceeding with the destination search and booking process. Google chooses the default location of your browser and system at the time of logging in. Later on, you can change or customize your language, country, or currency. The process of customizing is different in the Android/iOS application and computers.

Changing or customisation of the country on your booking platform over It will also alter some of the aspects of it. The aspects that will change are payment methods, flights, airline companies, refund policies, booking agencies, and a few others.

The process of customizing the country, currency, and language using Android, iOS, and PC is free of hassles.

For Android/iOS

Go to Google Flights and click on the three-dot sign on the top. Find the option for changing currency, selecting country, and language. Choose from the drop-down list, and you are all set to proceed.

For PC

On the web application page, scroll down to the bottom where you will find different tabs for language, country, and currency. Select each one of them to change the default selections, and you are good to go.


Google Flight alerts are the notification feature that, when enabled, keeps you aware of the price drops or hikes for your favorite travel destinations. Most of the time, people do settle for whatever flight or fare they get as they lack knowledge and insight. It help people come out of such situations by keeping them aware of the lowest possible fare time of the flights through email or app alerts.

The process or turning on the Google Flight alerts is super easy. You just need to go ahead with your regular process of booking the flights, and on the final page, you will be asked to enable the notifications related to your booking or inquiry. Select yes or no as per your convenience. The notifications will come via email or mobile application to help you book your tickets at the right time and the cheapest fare.

Some other Google Flights alerts include credit card related offers and discounts on flight bookings. Make sure you use the right order credit card to get some discounts on the next booking.

ITA matrix

Google Flights is fueled with the efficiency of the ITA matrix. Google Flights matrix makes it a powerful software for operating as a functional flight searching tool for the convenience of the users. ITA Matrix is a technology that came to existence with the help of MIT in the year 1996. Google took up this solution in the year 2010.

The Google Flights ITA matrix makes use of the metadata of the airlines to give out information to the users. The ITA network also has the power to derive several other essential information that the search engines might find challenging to follow up. It has acquired most of the featured of the ITA matrix and therefore is one of the best tools for flight searches and bookings.

It helps you by giving the ability to customize your tours. You can take a halt or book a direct flight as per your requirements. The use of the ITA matrix in Google Flights makes this possible in the most convenient manner. In short words, the matrix are the powerhouse of Google Flight that it purchased at a deal of $700 million in the year 2011. Now it has the ability to show collective and genuine results based on the flight or destination searches.

Why should you choose Google flights?

The flight search tool of Google earned an exceptional name since its launch in 2011. Though many happy users rely upon it, there is still a large number of audiences that needs to be aware of the efficacy of Google Flights. Here are the few reasons for which you need to choose Google Pay slips above others

  • You get attractive flight deals for a whole year to help you make your trip plan accordingly. You do not need to settle down with high price demands from the airlines or agencies. It enables you to check before you finalize your tour.
  • Google Flights come with a global map feature that helps you select countries of all across the world and book flight tickets to all the destinations that support flight commute.
  • There is a destination search tool available over the application to help the users decide on a particular location across the world.


Q. Is the ITA matrix better than Google Flights?

A: ITA matrix is the central hub of all the services that come along with Google Flights. So, It lacks few features over the ITA matrix. But it does not mean that Google Flights is anywhere less efficient. It gives you all the necessary details at ease.

Q: Is Google entering the travel search business?

A: Google has always been a solution finder for every possible query of internet users. Therefore, It is just another step to help the people find their flight details quickly and more conveniently.

Q: Why are Google Flight operating slightly slower?

A: The speed of the application depends upon the web traffic, and at times, the functions become bit laggy. It is currently working on it and will soon fix these bugs to give a better optimal user experience.

Q: How is Google Flights search different from that of a simple Google search?

A: The search engine cannot give out all the flight-related insights that an ITA powered application can give.

Q: Is Google selling out its own flight tickets?

A: No, Google is actually linking to third party agencies or airlines to process the booking and the payment.

Q: Is it possible to book tickets for any of the countries across the globe?

A: You can book flight tickets for all the international destinations that have flight commutes.

Q: Can you change currency over Google Flight before booking flights?

A: Yes, you can change your currency along with country and language before starting with the booking process.

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